WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT Sara Dobbie September 3rd by Kenleigh Gilbert Riverside can you hear me? I’m shaking my pill bottles to make music, Asheville do you see me, am I real? I’m sitting in courtyards at night just to feel prescription happiness Raining Blood by KKUURRTT It’s the Apocalypse probably, but not the Slayer kind [...]

|| OCTOBER 2020 ||

WARNING || DISTURBING CONTENT ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK Grace Alice Evans Dan Bick Grace Alice Evans HRG grey matter Rob Kaniuk design wasn't somethingyou were known foruntil you borrowed your father's 357and painted his basement walls Knife JD Bergstrom The knife so pretty, I must turn you into an ugly red. It burst onto [...]


After nearly a month of battle, Vic Nogay walks away with a $20 cash prize and a showcase of her poem, "Black is." Please follow and congratulate this talented author on winning THE CURSE OF THE BAD POEM! Black isBy Vic Nogay They say, “Black is a demon stealing your colors,” but black is all [...]


Sophia Al-Banaa is a Kuwaiti-American Muslim woman poet whose dual identity is intimately centered in what she writes, as well as the human condition as a whole, including chronic pain & migraines. Her work is also published in aaduna, Rutgers University Writers House & Rookie Magazine. Her twitter is @safeeyiah. Coleman Bomar is a writer [...]


Mental struggles, bad medication, unexcused work absences, good medication, bad doctors, weight gain, hospital stays, better days, worse days, supportive families, bad relationships, and entire days in bed - all things any of us with mental illness have experienced. We'd like to shed some light and support on the topic of mental health for our [...]


Elizabeth Bates is a writer and teaches (now to digitized faces on a computer screen). She lives in Washington state in a house filled with boys: her husband, her son, and two Siberian Huskies. Bates has recent or forthcoming work in Versification, The Daily Drunk, Seaborne Magazine, and elsewhere. She tweets about writing, life, and [...]