WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT Sara Dobbie September 3rd by Kenleigh Gilbert Riverside can you hear me? I’m shaking my pill bottles to make music, Asheville do you see me, am I real? I’m sitting in courtyards at night just to feel prescription happiness Raining Blood by KKUURRTT It’s the Apocalypse probably, but not the Slayer kind [...]


Sahana Ahmed Sahana Ahmed is a novelist from Gurugram, India. Find her online at www.sahanaahmed.com. Amanda Crum Amanda Crum is a writer from Kentucky whose work can be found in publications such as Barren Magazine, The Hellebore, and Eastern Iowa Review. She is the author of two novels and five books of poetry, two of which made [...]

|| SEPTEMBER 2020 ||

DISTURBING WORDS || DISTURBING IMAGES STRONG SEXUAL ABUSE CONTENT QUARANTINED IN MY NATIVE VILLAGE Laia Sales Merino i look out of the window and i see El Cadí snow still between the mountains and the sky  i see the stones of Talló’s church i see my cousin’s house  i see the field you raped me [...]


Special Thanks To: All of our authors for your creativity, honesty and punk attitudes, Lindsey Heatherly for her ongoing support, Travis Cravey for being bodyguard and creating the "allure" for Verse, Chris G for her photography and friendship, Holly Rae Garcia for her beautiful soul and amazing dedication to this production, Sara Dobbie for picking [...]

JULY 2020

Disturbing Images || Disturbing Content A.R. Salandy Highway By A.R. Salandy My mom's nerves were fraughtAs cars sped down the open roadAnd crashed and burned just in frontOf our hatchback run on cheap oil-And driven by a woman lost. My Girlfriend Doesn't Believe Me When I Tell Her These Things By Rami Obeid I fondle [...]


an open letter to (FUCK) you by MEH for making me add another body to the list poem of hashtagged names shot, choked, and strung together in Emmett Till infamy. HRG HAD ENOUGH by Andrew Velzian I neck another valium and lose count  Of how many   And how much  I want this.  HRG BRITTANY GETTING [...]


Please take a moment to read about our authors. Special thanks to: Travis Cravey, Chris G., Holly Rae Garcia, and Lindsey Heatherly Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist, from Athens, Greece. A Pushcart, Best of the Net and Best Small Fictions nominated writer, her work can be found in many journals, such as Okay Donkey, Kanstellation, [...]