Mental struggles, bad medication, unexcused work absences, good medication, bad doctors, weight gain, hospital stays, better days, worse days, supportive families, bad relationships, and entire days in bed - all things any of us with mental illness have experienced. We'd like to shed some light and support on the topic of mental health for our [...]


Sahana Ahmed Sahana Ahmed is a novelist from Gurugram, India. Find her online at Amanda Crum Amanda Crum is a writer from Kentucky whose work can be found in publications such as Barren Magazine, The Hellebore, and Eastern Iowa Review. She is the author of two novels and five books of poetry, two of which made [...]

|| SEPTEMBER 2020 ||

DISTURBING WORDS || DISTURBING IMAGES STRONG SEXUAL ABUSE CONTENT QUARANTINED IN MY NATIVE VILLAGE Laia Sales Merino i look out of the window and i see El Cadí snow still between the mountains and the sky  i see the stones of Talló’s church i see my cousin’s house  i see the field you raped me [...]