A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, C. Cimmone

VERSIFICATION was created to expose art. We were not created to promote ourselves. Taking on a lit journal is a lot of work. You’ve got to be dedicated to the art. You’ve got to have passion for creativity. I had reached a point of my writing journey where I found myself more interested in OTHER author’s words – not just my own writing and publishing grind. I was able to step away from myself and recognize the amazing talent in authors who may have little or no exposure – and great writers I’d never taken the time to research. I also consider myself a bit of a ‘weirdo’ and enjoy off beat and rebellious work. After suffering great loss in my personal life, I had many hours/days/years to consider where I stood in my writing journey.

I believe strongly in every author (minus those who are abusive) and work diligently to expose their voice. Additionally, I stand firmly with the Black Lives Matter movement, as I always have. Many literary journals are withholding publication due to this. While I support all literary journal editors and their decisions, I had to come to my own decision.

In May of 2020, our inaugural issue began with general submissions. Slowly but surely, the strong voices surrounding the movements taking place in our world began to come in. As I accepted one powerful piece after another (and often with tears), I knew why this magazine came to creation when it did: TO EXPOSE THESE VOICES.

We hope you will enjoy our first issue: JUNE 2020. The pieces are in no particular order – except for the first poem, which hit me with such intensity that I reached out to the author. We respect social media darkness during this painful time, but we urge you to read the words denouncing racism and hate. These authors have something to say to the world.

We have included our poets who have versatile pieces as well, and urge you to respect these individual author’s Twitter accounts as they have requested. If you have questions about ‘sharing’ certain authors on social media, please message me @diefunnier, email us, or utilize our CONTACT form.

Furthermore, ANY ACT OF DISRESPECT, HATE, ATTACKS, ABUSE will be handled immediately. If you are a reader or writer who experiences any unsavory act regarding pieces published by VERSIFICATION, contact Travis or myself immediately. We don’t fuck around.

May this find you as best as it possibly can during this time. My door is always open.


C. Cimmone

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